My Why ~ My How ~ My Purpose

Tina Marsan Life Coach Speaker
I believe my success comes from helping others succeed! ……just for the Health of It!

Tina Marsan, CMT

Building Blocks

Award Winning Speaker

Featured at Sacramento State University, UC Davis, The Learning Exchange, Sacramento Police Academy, various Sacramento schools and other organizations.

Certified Facilitator

Certified facilitator for Lightness to Dark, working to educate adults how to recognize, prevent and report childhood sexual abuse.

As a Teenager

As a teenager I suffered substantial physical and mental trauma from the impact of sexual assault and bullying. Over the years I have developed the tools enabling me to transform from just being a victim and surviving…to being a victor and thriving!

Creator of Soul In Power

Creator of Soul In Power workshops which provide experiential, workshops for those seeking healthy, sustainable, vital change in their lives. We focus on transforming confusion, chaos and pain to plan, action and freedom.

Author of – Experiencing Serendipity

Entrepreneurial Spirit I have owned and operated several holistic wellness businesses over the past 30 years.



Mother of Two Daughters

Mother of two daughters with a rare health conditions Chiari, Syringomyelia and Scoliosis, which created a variety of intense life challenges enabling a wealth of personal and professional education.

Massage Therapist

30 years in Touch! It has been a tremendous privilege being able to touch the lives of thousands of people.