My Mission

My Mission

My mission is to create amazing health and happiness in my personal life while assisting others seeking the same.

As a holistic health-care advocate, a Coach on Purpose, speaker, workshop facilitator, massage therapist, retreat host and author, I assist people actively seeking improved health, wellness and optimum quality of life…just for the Health of It!

I’m excited to be merging decades of work experience into one unique business! My work as a massage therapist for 30 years naturally expanded into my coaching practice. Now I am offering a unique blend of services that unify the skills I have developed as a body-worker, speaker and coach.

My success comes from helping others succeed in attaining sustainable health and happiness. I help people gain flexibility, strength, and freedom in their minds, bodies, emotional experiences and spiritual evolution.

I enjoy learning! Science, psychology, anatomy, nutrition, natural remedies and spiritually based topics occupy my inquisitive mind and provide the foundation from which I share.

My greatest purpose is to be of service to others while respecting, protecting and caring for all things that support my well-being. My intention; my example; my energy instantaneously contribute to “WE”. How important it is that I respect and value “US”!

CHEERS, to choosing and sharing this process of miracles!