Art of Touch

Art of Touch


I’m excited to announce that I will be offering a variety of workshops “Touch…just for the Health of It!”, skills for the layman, in the near future. These workshops were offered for about ten years through the Learning Exchange in Sacramento. They are geared to help individuals gain tools and develop healthy touch/communication skills for the prevention and maintenance of stress and the promotion of healthy,much needed touch-interaction with family, friends and appropriate associates. *See a list of classes and outlines below.

As this New Years unfolds I look forward to staying in Touch!

Massage Workshops

Couples Massage

This 4 hour class helps couples learn to give the massage their partner needs to receive. It helps people learn how to incorporate touch-time into their busy lives; gain tools and develop skills to assist one another in managing their physical stress/pain; eliminate excuses i.e., “my hands get tired”, “he rubs too hard”, “I don’t have time” and, is at the least, a fun, memorable date night!

Family & Friends, touch for the Health of It!

These classes are geared toward spot-therapy. Techniques are taught to assist people in general maintenance, for instance, learn how to do a good neck, shoulder, scalp massage or maybe focus on hands and feet… Each class depends upon the interest of the individuals attending.

Retreat Workshops

Some Touch for the Health of It! workshops will be offered at Sacred River Retreat, they will be more extensive and will include overnight stays and meals.

Touch...just for the Health of It!