Soul In Power Workshops

Soul In Power Workshops

"The Art of Self Care"

“The Art of Self Care” is the first series of the Soul In Power intensive workshops. It consists of 4 sessions, each of which builds upon the other.

The sessions are formatted to enable:

  • Open communication
  • Personal reflection
  • Sharing and support within the group Growth, Change, and Personal Empowerment
  • A clear understanding of the Soul In Power mission, work and tremendous¬† benefits gained by being a participant.

Homework is given at the end of each session. Some of greatest benefits of the Soul In Power work come from practicing tools learned in the group along with doing homework with clear intention and purposeful integrity. The homework varies but almost always requires daily attention.

Experiential learning is the cornerstone of Soul In Power success. The work is less about lecturing and teaching and more about observing, feeling, considering, practicing, changing and pro-actively shifting one’s life, on purpose!

Being part of a Soul In Power group requires service to others. Sharing experiences, opinions, lessons, and tools greatly assist in the process of exploring new life possibilities and healthier options – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Soul In Power Mantra

“I take full responsibility for Me. My presence matters, literally. My thoughts and my actions impact life instantaneously. Now is the only time I have to make powerful, purposeful, life-enhancing choices. I choose to embrace my imperfections and to change self-limiting beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors. I am Soul In Power, a coach by example, on purpose!”