The Art of Self Care – Creating the Best You

This interactive presentation encourages individuals to participate in the process of learning how to use the tools of Self-Care. Participants will engage in unique exercises, sharing ideas and experiences geared towards making a healthy SHIFT contributing to the dynamic process of intentional change….just for the Health of It!

The Art of Self Care” enables opportunity for:


  • Team Building
  • Communication Enhancement
  • Creating Trust
  • Strengthening Esteem
  • Eliminating Destructive Habits
  • Maximizing Productivity

The value of each individual is emphasized and highlighted as significant to the overall worth and productivity of a group. This topic can be tailored to time allotment.

The Art of Self Care, the Masterpiece that each and every one of us is, is ever changing. Like a kaleidoscope, one turn or shift in our perception or behaviors immediately impacts what we see and often how we are viewed.

The Business of Relationships – Investing Energy & Time into the Bottom Line of your Relationships

The Business of Relationships offers insights into designing, developing, implementing and sustaining better relationships that will lead to a healthier bottom line! Generate more cash flow and more importantly, happiness-flow, by investing more time and energy in people…just for the Health of It!

How effective are the professional and personal relationships in your life? What energetic revenue do you invest the most of your energy and time into? Cash flow or people?

Increase the health and wealth of your bottom line by investing in the relationship dynamics of your family/workforce/organization.

Learn skills that will help you design, develop, implement and sustain healthier relationships that will enable you to experience:

  • More Trust
  • Less Drama
  • Increased Productivity
  • A Healthier, More Enjoyable Work Place and Life
  • Eliminate Unhealthy Habits
Tina Marsan Speaker

Burning Bowl! - Let Go. Let Be. Be Free!

Burning your past in the bowl, gives freedom to your soul! The very popular “Burning Bowl” is a standalone event, or it can be incorporated into other speaking venues in whole or in part. It  enables the mental and emotional clearing of space in order to facilitate needed change – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The purposeful and literal practice of intentionally letting go of things has a powerful impact that makes a difference in the lives of individuals and functionality of organizations going forward.

Participants will have the opportunity to burn “stuff” like journals, photos, and thoughts (written down on paper). Note: You can only burn YOUR stuff! Leave your husbands, kids, neighbors and co-workers stuff at home!

The “Burning Bowl” can be tailored to different times and does not necessarily have to include the actual on-site burning of things.

The burning bowl

The Mindset of Success – Creating & Implementing Effective & Efficient Thought Processes

Do you value your thoughts?

Are you ready to be healthy, happy, vibrant and vital?

Are there aspects of YOU that need a little color, polishing, new lighting or possibly an eraser?

Let’s engage and explore options, choices, limitations and opportunities that you might use to BE you!