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I believe that mind, body and spirit exist as one and should be treated in unison; that prevention beats finding a cure; that most dis-ease is avoidable; that some dis-ease is inherent, serving as opportunity for enlightenment. I believe the greatest mistake is to deny the power of love and the greatest lesson is to love no matter what.

I provide Coaching and my other Services to the Greater Sacramento / Roseville and Yuba City areas.

Experiencing Serendipity

I’m thrilled to announce that my first book, “Experiencing Serendipity” is back in print! This book is designed as a resource for unlocking inspiration and personal growth within you. It contains: Lots of Thoughts, Tons of Love and Space to Journal. Often I use this book in conjunction with my Soul In Power work as a coach and workshop facilitator.

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Power of Serendipity in Your Life!


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"When Tina Speaks it is with great confidence and passion. She has a way about her that draws you in. I could listen forever. By attending Soul In Power I have been able to breathe and step back and look at things in a new light."
Dianna Flowers

I believe in the power of NOW.